The Dynamic Al Tarf Education Trust is committed to work for the emancipation of women, children and the needy. We are determined to eradicate social evils and ill customs and strive hard for getting social justice to the victims. Our endeavor is also towards improving economic condition of the people by providing them skill based learning and thus enable them to get self employment.

We help the society during natural calamities by providing them basic necessities like food and clothing.

We promote mass wedding and thus cutting unnecessary expenses during marriage ceremony and helping the poor by shouldering responsibility of marriage. Our purpose extends towards organizing program for guiding common men for the development of the society, to start old-age home to provide shelter to the old people, To generate awareness about health and hygiene, provide emergency medical help. Promote hospital to get established. Promote unity of people in the village without any discrimination. And organize programs for generating public awareness towards prevailing laws and opportunities of employment. Furthermore, we work in the direction of promotion of cultural values by promoting various forms of expression like dance and drama.

Thus, the sole purpose of our trust is to work honestly and sincerely for the welfare of women, children, youth, old, needy, labourers and differently able and thus contributing towards development of the society.

Chair Person’s Message:

Respected Women,

You are to play pivotal role in the development of the society. If you are educated and made free from the financial dependence you can lead a better life and can take correct decisions of your life. I personally insist on providing vocational education to women and thus liberating them from a caged mind set in which they are living since hundreds of years. The Dynamic Al Tarf Education Trust is a humble beginning to give you a platform where you are can learn to earn and thus begin your journey of respectful life. You are welcomed to The Dynamic Al Tarf Education Trust for getting wings to fly. Only your cooperation can justify your right to live a respectful life.

Razzak Khatumbra